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Why choose us?

With over 40 years’ experience in professional motor racing, from go-karts to V8 Supercars, orchestrating two class wins at the Bathurst 1000 and two National championships, as well as an involvement in the design, construction and production of the now famous Aussie Racing Car, we can honestly say we know a bit about cars and tyres.


  • Squealing or grinding when the brakes are applied?

  • Brakes squeal and grind and the steering wheel shudders or the brake pedal pulsates when the brakes are applied?

  • Hand brake has a long travel when applied and does not seem to hold the vehicle safely?

  • Engine overheating and rust in the radiator fluid?

  • Automatic transmission is sluggish when the gears change or the fluid is dirty when you check it?

  • Cloudy covers on your headlights?

  • Irregular wear pattern on your tyres or the steering wheel seems to pull you one way?

  • Some tyres wear more quickly than others?

  • Dash warning lights are warning of problems?

  • Fuel usage seems to be increasing?

  • Your car simply does not seem to be performing well?

If you can relate to any of the above symptoms you need to be talking to us about our low cast high quality servicing that will keep you driving safely AND will save you money.



The market place is full of cheap “no name tyres”. These are generally sourced by private importers from any one of some 500 manufacturers in China, most of whom probably never even heard of a “Research and Development Department”.

Our experience is that they are of considerably inferior quality. In fact some are just downright dangerous. Sellers of these tyres like to call them “budget” tyres. In our opinion that’s just another word for “cheap and nasty”.

The easiest course to follow is – If a new car manufacturer uses a known brand tyre, you can rest assured it is a “premium” tyre or what is called “OE” (original equipment). No manufacturer is going to release their new car on an inferior tyre which can reflect on the performance of their new vehicle. No premium tyre is remarkably better than another, they’re all pretty good. So don’t judge a tyre by brand alone.

Finally you must decide on your priority. Do you want maximum grip or are you looking for maximum wear? You can’t have both. The harder the tyre the longer it lasts but the poorer the grip. So obviously, the softer tyre has better grip, but will wear faster.

Look at motor racing. Soft tyres to set fastest time for start position – harder tyres, although slower, to race the distance.Whilst this applies to road tyres, the difference is not as drastic.

We all want the best for our money, but if you drive an old Toyota, don’t overkill with a tyre that’s suitable for a new Ferrari.